Hello, I’m Nancy. 

I’m a co-founder of AdventureArt. AdventureArt was born out of the love of art and the desire to spread art as much as possible. I’m a passionate teacher and an art enthusiast. 

I took art classes every year during my school years including college. Art has always been part of my life either by creating something myself or by guiding others to create something for themselves. 

Throughout my life, I’ve been surrounded by amazing children that inspired me and helped shape me into the person I am today. 

My goal is to enrich the lives of those that give me the privilege to teach them in their own art adventures.

I have an Associates in Liberal Arts. I’m also teaching online classes which include art classes and Spanish classes. 

I’m looking forward to growing as a person, as a teacher, and as a co-owner of AdventureArt.

Hello there! 

I’m Susy and I have loved art as far back as I can remember. When I was a kid (in the years before YouTube) I struggled learning how to do certain art techniques on my own. Now, I teach kids how to do them! 

Teaching is one of my favorite ways to learn, and I love to learn alongside my students. I have a wide variety of art techniques 

I enjoy teaching (like bookbinding, sewing, painting, clay sculpture, screenprinting, modern calligraphy, drawing), and that culminates in a lot of fun art projects for us to create. 

I hope to see you and your kiddo at our next workshop!