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Our AdventureArt logo, a hand with a paintbrush. Making art.

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Based in Tucson, Arizona

"AdventureArt is helping reframe my children's thoughts on art. I am sure, and have witnessed, how the artistically inclined students love this class. Of course, it is wonderful, but I would like to talk about how great Art Exploration has been for my boys, who are much more interested in movement and activity.


While they appreciate art, they do not initiate drawing, painting, coloring, or the like. Art Exploration has given them the opportunity to truly explore art in ways that makes sense to them. The teachers are so gentle in guiding the students while allowing them the freedom to engage in their own way. My boys now look forward to art adventures."

— Autum P.

“My child loves participating in Adventure Art's Exploration classes.  He has a lot of sensory issues, particularly with anything sticky, slimy, or gloppy, which encompasses quite a lot of art activities for kids!  But he loves these classes because, while the instructors are encouraging, they let him take the lead and never pressure him to do anything that makes him uncomfortable. 


There are always alternative activities so if he isn't comfortable participating in the main activity, he is still learning and interacting with his peers.  He is never made to feel wrong or bad or left out for accommodating his own needs.  I appreciate that Nancy and Susy, the instructors, have a lot of experience with neurodivergent children and are kind, creative people who provide a supportive learning environment for all of their students, regardless of their abilities or needs.  My child will definitely be taking more Adventure Art classes in the future.”

— Jill B.

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