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Art Pods Registration Agreement



Art Pods are small-sized, private, personalized, child-led art workshops for children. Our Art Pods are designed to accommodate the artistic needs and desires of our newest artists. We will provide encouragement and guidance when needed. All materials will be provided for each class and a variety of skills will be taught. 


We have the flexibility to teach in different areas of town and at various times during the week including weekends. Please check our website for our available schedule. You may also join a current Art Pod if space allows it. Location includes various public parks around town but we are happy to teach the class in your home if that's an option for you. 



  1. Minimum of 3 artists 

  2. Maximum of 10 artists

  3. All materials will be provided (artists are welcome to bring any special art supplies they would like to use) 

  4. Art workshops range from 1-2 hours long

  5. One hour workshop is $30 per artist

  6. Two hour workshop is $45 per artist



  1. Our goal is to encourage artists to create art while providing materials and guiding them along their individual artistic adventure

  2. Artists will learn new skills and learn to use a variety of art materials including unconventional art materials (we’ll be thinking outside the box)

  3. Artists will grow confidence, self-expression, and creativity 



  1. Payment is due on the 1st of each month

  2. ESA payments are accepted

  3. Refund is available within a 2 week notice

  4. In case of an absence we can provide your child the art materials to complete the project at home. This will require the normal fee of the class. 

  5. Makeup class may be available, please contact us for further information.

AdventureArt Agreement Form

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. 

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