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Summer Fun at Exploration Tuesdays

Exploration Tuesdays this summer was filled with art, fun, adventure, friendships, and creativity.

As Summer Exploration Tuesdays have come to an end we look back on all the wonderful memories we created together. Tag the teachers was a favorite game for younger artists. They would shout, "You're it Susy!" You're it Nancy!" as they ran off as fast as they could. We enjoyed being tagged while trying to tag them back, they’re so fast! We also played endless rounds of Telephone and musical chairs. Each round was filled with exceeding laughter and amusing phrases. While we played Telephone we soaked up as many little details we could of each student. One young artist would cover his ear when whispering his phrase to the next player. Another loved using the word potato. One enjoyed gesturing with his hands, he's a theatrical performer (one of his chosen art forms). While another artist grinned from ear to ear when it was her turn to pass the phrase to the next player. When we played musical chairs we got our exercise by dancing around the chairs. Each round was hilarious and exciting. Who would be the last one to sit on the purple chair? Once we were down to three chairs it became suspenseful. It was in between those moments that our hearts and our connection grew further.

We created an endless amount of art projects from watercolor painting to using the pottery wheel, and many other projects in between. Each week many artists wanted to continue to create art out of recycled materials and lots of cool things were made helmets, shields, swords, hammers, and more. The skills each artist demonstrated while creating such intricate objects left us awestruck. Our Rainbow Solstice celebration day was filled with colorful projects, we painted with bubbles and made tie-dyed bandanas, We also combined science into our art projects by making volcanoes erupt, making color-changing potions, and 'painting' with the sun.

We also had a special teacher join us, Jessica from Jubilee's Journals. Jessica lead a class on how to make a vision board with our students and many moms joined the fun. We are thankful for our wonderful community which is filled with so many talented people. We look forward to having the opportunity to partner with many other local businesses.

We celebrated our last class with an art exhibition to showcase the wonderful art that was created during our class and during their leisure time. Our hope is to encourage our students to continue to create art whenever creativity strikes. Before the art exhibition, each artist took the lead in the display of their art. They organized their masterpieces and displayed them so beautifully. We dedicated the last hour of our class to each student that wanted to participate to share their art with their audience. We went to each art station as we intently heard each artist speak about their beautiful art pieces. As each artist spoke we felt connected and filled with inspiration.

We are thankful for all those that joined us for Exploration Tuesdays this summer. We had a wonderful time getting to know each artist. Our hearts are filled with so much joy and pride.

Exploration Tuesdays is a great representation of why we created AdventureArt because we want to provide a safe space filled with art, play, adventure, friendships, kindness, and inclusion.

We say goodbye to Exploration Tuesdays this summer but we will welcome Exploration Thursdays in early September. We will continue to have fun while exploring art. We look forward to seeing our art students again soon!

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