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Making Art at the Loft Kids Fest

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

The Loft Kids Fest returned this year and it was a huge success. This wonderful event takes place over the summer and The Loft--along with its dedicated and generous sponsors--offers free fun-filled entertainment with family-friendly films, activities, giveaways, popcorn, and more. This year the film lineup included many fun films! To name a few: Looney Tunes, Sandlot, and Encanto.

AdventureArt was fortunate to be included in the activity table during this year's activities. It was such a joy to participate. We participated in two films, Toy Story and Matilda, and we created some simple--yet memorable--crafts with the young audience.

During the Toy Story film, we provided materials and minimal guidance for each participant to create their very own paper Potato Head. We had a variety of cutouts to encourage endless design options. Each paper Potato Head was unique and entertaining.

During the Matilda film, we made tissue paper sun catchers. The outline was in the shape of a book with stars on top. It was a great representation of the film because Matilda loves books as do we. As each child came around our table to create their very own art project we enjoyed the endless smiles and the, “Look at this!” moments.

We are very thankful for the opportunity to attend this wonderful event. We enjoyed spending time with each child while we admired their artwork. A special thanks to The Loft Cinema for letting us be part of this amazing event. We hope to be able to attend again next year and bring more fun art projects!

Please check out The Loft Cinema, they always have such wonderful movies showing, their snacks are delicious, and their staff is super friendly.

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