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Exploration Tuesdays with AdventureArt!

Our first class this week was so fun. We created Under the Sea inspired art which included painting treasure boxes, painting shells and adding clay pearls, and made crayon resist watercolor paintings. We played games—Telephone and Duck Duck Goose had us laughing the entire time! We also built a Trust Maze and a mini obstacle course, ideas from two very creative artists.

We're looking forward to our next Exploration Tuesday next week. Our theme is Recycled Art and there's tons more fun to be had. We are going to make an open-ended "Build a City" where we'll form, cut, and paint houses, shops, etc. For the older artists (or those that want to join the activity) will make a "Prickly Pear in a Pot" sculpture. We will have several hot glue stations so artists can explore building with recyclables the way they want to.

If you are able to: please bring along any recyclables you have that we can use to make our awesome art projects.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone this week to continue to explore art and play games.

Have an inspiring and joyful day!

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