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We got a kick out of painting!

This summer, we had the opportunity to teach an exciting class to a youth soccer team. Art comes in many forms and on this day it came in the form of painting on canvas. Each artist - along with two of their dedicated and caring coaches - created beautiful paintings, and each painting was completely unique and inventive. As we walked around during our class to view each artist's painting we were reminded of the connection and joy that art brings.

We enjoyed watching each artist create their very own masterpiece. Some used minimal colors while others used the full-color spectrum - both options are equally acceptable and encouraged! AdventureArt is all about providing art materials, guidance, and encouragement for artists to create as they wish. We provide the project foundation and allow the artists to run wild while exploring the material.

Soccer is a sport that involves dedication, strength, stamina, and speed. This day, we

combined their love of soccer with an introduction to painting, in the hopes of fostering a love of art as well. Creating something together outside of the soccer field develops a sense of unity, newfound fun, and adventure!

We enjoyed spending our time with this impressive soccer team and we are thankful for the opportunity to spread our love of art to our beautiful Tucson community!

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