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Kids Pottery Class
4 Class Series | Ages 6+

Class One: Sunday, April 7

Class Two: Sunday, April 21

Class Three: Sunday, May 5

Class Four: Sunday, May 19

Our Kids Pottery Class is a place where young artists can unleash their imagination and get hands-on experience in the art of pottery. From shaping simple pinch pots to crafting intricate sculptures, your child will embark on a creative journey filled with exploration and self-expression.


We are dedicated to fostering a positive and supportive environment, encouraging each child to discover their unique artistic voice. Join us for a delightful adventure in clay, where laughter, learning, and the joy of creating come together in a vibrant and inspiring setting. Let the magic of ceramics unfold as your child dives into the world of form and texture, transforming simple clay into cherished works of art!

Space is limited so please register for this class as soon as possible.

**We are ESA Vendors and will gladly accept ESA Funds. Please check out our ESA walk-through here.**

Parents are welcome to stay with their child, or drop off their child. Sorry, parents can't play with clay during this class! (Are you interested in a family class? Let us know by contacting us!)

Class One

Class One kicks off with the basics, as budding potters learn to mold and shape clay. We will learn how to press textures into slabs, create pinch pots, coil build, and even test out the pottery wheel!


Class Two

Class Two continues our handbuilding basics, while we learn how to create the exact shapes and textures we want for our pieces of art. We will continue work on the pottery wheel, and also learn what happens in the kiln to will prepare our pieces to be bisque-fired!


Class Three

Class Three we will learn a variety of techniques for glazing our bisque-fired pieces, such as brushing on and dipping. We will also continue to finalize work on any unfinished projects so they can dry and be bisque-fired before next class.


Class Four

Class Four concludes with a celebratory session, examining each other's pieces and learning which glazing techniques produced which colors and textures. We will also use this last class to finish up any glazing that was not done last class, and will plan a different day for pickup.

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