About Us

AdventureArt is proudly owned and operated by Nancy and Susy.

This is a business built on the love of art by two passionate art enthusiasts.

We aim to nurture the love of art and encourage unique creativity. We will be teaching one art workshop for ages 8-13 (ages are completely flexible) on the second Saturday of every month at Valley of the Moon starting January 2023. We will be expanding our workshop availability and expanding our age ranges to eventually include adults. We'll also be available for special events such as birthday parties, private events, holiday events, and more.

Our art workshops set us apart because we are not only providing a tutorial for an art project or craft but we are also providing a quality experience. In fact, we allow all children to take the lead in their art while we provide encouragement and any guidance needed. Of course, we understand that not all children are the same and some may want more guidance than others. Our art workshops will also be filled with endless amounts of fun and creativity. Each art workshop will be an adventure filled with fun, creativity, art, encouragement, and self-growth. We will spend 1.5 glorious hours together making memories, making art, and sharing tons of giggles. Our goal is to provide a full experience by starting off with a fun game or two before we dive into our art activity. By the end of our workshops each child will have created their very own masterpiece while being filled with self-confidence and joy.

Mission statement:

AdventureArt provides quality art workshops taught by two passionate art enthusiasts. We will create art together in an inclusive, fun, encouraging, and caring environment.